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Grange Insurance, part of the Grange Mutual Casualty Group, utilizes independent agents to create customized insurance policies that fit your exact needs.

Hannigan Insurance writes Grange Insurance policies for Car Insurance, Homeowners Insurance and Renters Insurance. Grange was founded in 1935 and is currently located in Columbus, OH.

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A.M. Best Financial Rating


A.M. Best Issuer Credit Rating

Grange Service: (855) 299-2040

Grange Claims: (800) 303-9141

Accident Forgiveness
Audio/Visual Equip. Coverage
Broad Collision
Car Rental
Custom Parts and Equip.
Emergency Assitance Package
Extended Non-Owned Auto
Extra Equipment
Full Glass Coverage
Lease/Loan Gap Coverage
Minor Violation Forgiveness
New Car Replacement
Rental Coverage Upgrade
Roadside Assistance
Total Loss Deductible Waiver
Travel Right
Trip Interruption
Vanishing Deductible
OEM Parts Coverage

Grange Ineligible Dog Breeds

If you are looking to get Homeowners Insurance with Grange, they have certain restrictions on what types of Dog Breeds you can own. Here is a list of ineligible dog breeds:

pitbullPit Bull Breeds
mastiffMastiff Breeds
chowchowChow Chow
staffordshireterrierAmerican Staffordshire Terrier
wolfhybridWolf Hybrids

Typical Grange Insurance Quote
*Updated Jan 2016*

We analyzed insurance quotes in mid January 2016 for a typical demographic. The household we quoted has a 32 year old man and 32 year old woman who are married and have obtained a Good Credit rating (700-749). The couple we quoted are from a suburb in Southeast Michigan; location can modify home and auto insurance premiums drastically, that is why we used a typical area in Michigan. We quoted the household for two cars, a 2010 Ford Fusion and a 2010 Buick Enclave. We looked to see the price of Grange Auto Insurance premiums and Grange Home Insurance premiums, given separately, and then bundled (which typically saves up to 25%).

Auto Premium

($1,255.00 - 6 months)

Multi-Policy Discount

($890.00 - 6 months)

Bodily Injury100,000/300,000
Property Damage100,000
Combined Uninsured/Underinsured100,000/300,000
PIP - MedicalExcess
Property Damage BuybackYes
PIP - WageFull Coverage
Accidental Death Benefit20,000

The home was built in 2005 and is 1,400 square feet. The home does not contain any Ineligble Dogs nor Trampoline. It contains a Finished Basement and Swimming Pool.

Home Premium

($1,025.00 - 12 months)

Multi-Policy Discount

($738.00 - 12 months)

Other Structures$26,700
Personal Property$200,250
Loss of Use$80,100
Personal Liability$1,000,000
Medical Payments$1,000

Grange Auto Insurance Premiums came in at $209.10 a month. Grange Multi-Policy Discount gives a significant decrease in the auto premium at only $148.30 a month. The price for the homeowners insurance policy was $85.40 a month compared to the Multi-Policy Discount discounted to $61.50 a month.

So what do you think? Do you like these prices? Care to find out what price you can get with Grange? Get an insurance quote today, it's free and we do all the leg work for you to compare Grange Insurance to many other insurance carriers.

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