Am I Covered On My Auto Insurance If I Rent A Car?

Planning a trip where you will be renting a vehicle? When the car rental company asks if you want to buy insurance for your rental car, do you know what you should say?

Well my sister used to work at Enterprise for 10 years and she would call and ask me the same thing. Here is the bottom line: it depends on your coverage. If you just have liablility only on your auto insurance and you get in a car wreck with your rental car you have no coverage. If you have comprehensive and collison on your auto insurance policy it will extend over to your car rental company, so you would not have to buy the insurance from the rental company. However, if you were to submit a claim on that rental car, it will go on your record.

Always buy the coverage from the car rental company.

A good way that I always advise people is that I tell them to go ahead and buy the insurance from the rental car company. You will know you have the coverage and you know you will keep the claim off your record if you get in a wreck.

A good example of this, and what happend to a good friend of mine, is that he rented a car from Avis for work in Charlotte, NC and got rammed from behind and questioned a bill of $1,400. He asked why he owed that when he thought he payed all of it already. Well we payed $8,000 to fix your car, but what we don't pay is the $1,400 that Avis billed for Loss of Use. They were unable to rent that car out for a number of days it was being fixed, therefore they will bill you for those lost wages they could of incured. Always buy the coverage from the car rental company. That way you won't have to worry about it.

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