Is A Cracked Windshield Covered On My Car Insurance Policy?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You're driving down the highway and hear a loud *CRACK*. You notice you have a crack now in your windshield.

This has happend to me and millions of Americans across the country. I know in Michigan you may get a lot of cracks due to rocks or large cracks from Deer hitting your vehicle. The most prominent question that keeps coming up when this happens is, "how am I going to pay for this? I wonder if it's covered on my insurance policy".

...most insurance carriers won't even charge you a deductible.

If you have comprehensive coverage (also known as "other than collision") you are indeed covered and do not have to worry about it. File a claim with your insurance carrier and all will be taken care of.

Now if you are wondering if you have to pay the deductible for it, it will depend on the size of the crack. If the crack on the windshield is not much larger than a quarter and looks like a spider, most insurance carriers won't even charge you a deductible. They will come right to your workplace or home, heat it up and repair the chip or crack. If it is deemed that in order to fix your windshield they will have to physically replace the whole windshield, then you would be subject to pay the deductible.

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