AAA Insurance Vs. Citizens Insurance

aaa insurance vs citizens insurance

If I took a poll on the streets of downtown Ann Arbor, MI and asked people if they've ever heard of AAA Insurance, I would bet 99.9% would say 'yes, of course'. The other .1% are most likely either foreign exchange students or have been living under a rock. Just because most Michiganders have heard of AAA, does it mean that AAA Insurance is the best company around? No, they have a multi-million dollar marketing department, market saturation for travel services and retail discounts, and a household name. If I were to ask the same residents of Ann Arbor if they knew who the first auto insurer in Michigan was, I bet only .1% of them would know the answer- Citizens Insurance Company. Citizens Insurance wrote their first auto insurance policy in 1915, and early notable customers include Babe Ruth! When comparing these companies, it's important to note key differences and realize it's not all in the name.

AAA Insurance puts a large emphasis on their annual membership and travel services. Membership is a requirement for anyone who purchases AAA insurance, which immediately increases their annual rate by $55-75. Citizens Insurance does NOT require a membership and still offers excellent roadside assistance coverage, glass coverage with little to no deductibles, and flexible payment options including online and electronic payments. Citizens Insurance Company has an 'A' rating from AM Best, has excellent claims services, thousands of preferred collision repair shops across the country and still manages to keep their premiums at a very reasonable and competitive level.

Citizens Insurance Company focuses on providing excellent insurance products to customers across the US because they know that's what they do best. They've chosen not to expand into financial, travel or other services so they can focus on providing the best possible insurance products to residents across Michigan. Citizens Insurance has chosen to work directly through independent agencies like Hannigan Insurance to have face-to-face interaction with their customers instead of having large impersonal call centers. An auto insurance policy is a very important purchase, and one that should include researching beyond the household names. With 100 years of experience, Citizens has become a leader in auto insurance in the state of Michigan and should be a TOP choice for anyone looking for the best coverage at a great price!

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